Kadam publishes on www.pulseconnects.com with the aim of keeping South Asian dance and music communities informed, connected, and energised. We believe that for a sector to thrive, we need a critical mass of artists who are contributing ideas, exchanging experiences and inspiring each other. We offer an independent platform which can evaluate work and act as a ‘critical friend’. 

Kadam through Pulse amplifies the work of artists through a free weekly newsletter, social media postings and through articles, blogs and reviews on its site: www.pulseconnects.com

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Previous issues of Pulse magazine

History of Pulse

On the demise of Aditi. the national body for South Asian dance, Kadam acquired the publication Aditi News and its subsequent avatar Ex-Tradition in 2001. In 2002 the first issue of Pulse was released under editor Anita Dawood Nasser. From 2003-2007 Pulse was edited Chitra Sundaram whose reputation in the dance world gave the magazine international recognition. When Sanjeevini Dutta took over in 2008 she aimed to widen its appeal, bringing full colour, gorgeous photographs, inclusion of music coverage and more focus on dancers and productions. Pulse also became a quarterly. Between 2008-2017, 39 issues were commissioned. Sanjeevini also built a team of young writers including Seetal Kaur Gahir, Jahnavi Harrison, Shivaangee Agrawal and Pranav Yajnik.

The Banyan Tree Project with support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the history of South Asian dance in the UK as recorded in Pulse over the years will be made available freely online together with new content, including interviews and videos of key personalities. More information

I have read the Pulse issues cover to cover. Copies of Pulse have travelled across the country and the rest of the world with me.

Nina Rajarani MBE – Dancer and teacher – Srishti