Sacred Shapes

The mandala is the representation of humans and their place in the universe. A quartet of dancers create and reveal the blueprint of unseen, interlocking energies. Using the odissi form of classical Indian dance, renowned for its geometric and sculptural qualities, the dancers create a kaleidoscope of movement.

Sacred Shapes blends dance, soundscape, design and pattern to weave shapes and beat rhythms that tell their own story of creation and the journeying to find meaning and purpose.



Elena Catalano is an odissi dancer and the recipient of National Indian Award for Dance. She works as a dance lecturer at Kingston University of London, and performs and teaches odissi throughout the UK. Elena has trained in Odisha with gurus Sujata and Ratikant Mohapatra, and Priyambada Pattnaik in New Delhi.

Kali Chandrasegaram trained in Malaysia before coming to the UK. A creative practitioner of different South Asian classical dance styles and contemporary dance and theatre forms, he is interested in experimenting and discovering connections with humanism and feminism in South Asian Dance ideology.

“He Who Dares”
– Donald Hutera

Khavita Kaur trained in odissi in Malaysia with Guru Durga Charan Ranbir. She has performed both as a solo artist and with the first Odissi Ensemble. A deeply committed and charismatic artist, Khavita is in demand both for her classical and popular dance performances.


Katie Ryan is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has trained in odissi with Sanjeevini Dutta, Shankar Behera and Madhavi Mudgal and in contemporary dance at the London School of Contemporary Dance. Katie is a founding member of Odissi Ensemble who toured their debut production Shades of Love in 2012. Katie has received choreographic commissions from Kadam, Akademi, Big Dance and Opera Holland Park. She is currently the recipient of the Bonnie Bird Marion North Mentoring Award.


Ranjana Ghatak is a singer and composer born and raised in London who has worked with, amongst others, the LPO, Nitin Sawhney, and Jason Singh. She has performed traditional and contemporary music for odissi dancer Katie Ryan. Recent composing projects include a solo album produced by Liran Donin, an outreach project with the Royal Opera House Community Choir and BBC Singers, for Ravi Shankar’s opera Sukanya and a choral piece for Big Big Sing.


Gurdain Rayatt is a disciple of tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh . He has over 20 years’ experience performing tabla solos and accompanying musicians and dancers, including Pandit Birju Maharaj, Smt. Shashwati Sen, Niladri Kumar, Kala Ramnath. He performs cross-culture world fusion music and teaches in North London.


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